Friday, 8 February 2013

Guess what??? :)

We're expecting!!!!

(baby at 13weeks and 2days so snug)

So this was the news I couldn't tell you all about until now :) well actually til around 3 weeks ago but I've been so busy I'm only getting round to start my blog now!

I will hopefully be doing weekly updates, a post on the first trimester and also house updates as we got the keys to our first home last week and we've completely gutted it and starting a fresh :)

Sooooo baby, little ickle baby bean :D we are so excited to watch you grow in mamas belly and to finally meet you in August!

So as of today 8th of feb I am 14 weeks and 5 days along, and according to my app baby is around the size of a kiwi :) hehe!
I have already started showing and my boobs are ridiculous and I would appreciate it if they stopped growing!! We have had two scans as at our first scan where I thought I was further along I was actually only 10 weeks and 2 days so midwife wanted me to come back so she could check beans belly and cord insertion and so we could get the testing done.

We had the second scan at 13 weeks 1 day and boy had baby grown he/she had hiccups on the scan it was adorable! Midwife said cord insertion looked fine along with a beautiful looking baby :)

A quick update on pre-pregnancy and pregnancy figures

Weight pre-preg : 8st 4lbs wasit 28-29inch
11 weeks : 8st 5lbs waist 30inch
12 weeks 4 days : 8st 6lbs waist 30inch
14 weeks : 8st 7lbs waist 31inch

How far along  14 weeks and 2 days

Total weight gain  3 pounds

Maternity clothes I'm in maternity leggings from h&m and they are the best things ever!!! I think I will only buy maternity bottoms and stick with bigger tops!

Stretch marks not yet I'm using cussons mum and me bump cream when I can remember and will be alot more strict when I get bigger!

Symptoms I'm still being sick most mornings but only first thing when I wake with an empty tummy and I get nauseous throughout the day when I get hungry. I've been getting itchy skin around the tummy area. My boobs will not stop growing and have gone up at least 3 sizes and didn't need to before hand!! I've also been really burpy *hand over face* I don't know if this is a preg symptom or not but I've never burped much before haha! Also I can't stop peeing haha!

Sleep I have good nights and bad nights. I can get to sleep easy but I wake alot which is strange to me as I've always been a heavy sleeper. I get up twice in the night to pee and sleep with a V shaped pillow which I put between my legs although Paul keeps stealing it and using it himself haha!

I've been trying to nap in the day when I can as I'm tired all the time!!

Best moment this week starting to decorate the baby's room!!

Have you told family and friends Yes! They can't wait!

Miss anything Bra's that fit! Not peeing all the time!

Movement I don't think so although when I lay down at the end of the day I'm sure I can but I think its a little early.

Food cravings Fab ice lollies, apples, ready salted walkers, apple juice/orange squash

Anything making you queezy or sick when I wake with an empty tummy I feel sick, cups of teas

Have you started to show yet YES! some days more than others but I definetly have a little bump :)

Little bean at 10 weeks and 2 days

Bump at 13 weeks!!

I would love to hear about any mamas or mamas to be that follow my blog of your experience and any advice you may have :*
lots of love

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  1. I'm a new follower to your blog :) congrats on the pregnancy! at 14 weeks is when I found out I was having a girl. Enjoy your bump cuz you will miss it, I sure miss mine!


thanx for the comment beyootifuls xoxo